Peering Policy

hSo does not require a signed agreement, however we are happy to sign any reasonable agreement on request from peers. We do, however, expect our peers to adhere to the following:

  • The peer should not be seen via an existing peer or customer
  • The peer should exchange a minimum of 10Mbps with AS-GOSCOMB
  • The peer must operate a 24x7x365 contactable NOC
  • Hot-potato routing is implied, hSo will not honour any MEDs
  • The peer must present the same route announcements on all sessions
  • Both parties must maintain up to date routing information in a routing registry (RIPE, RADB, etc)
  • Neither Party will establish a route of last resort directed towards the other Party's Network. Instead, the Parties will fully exchange explicit routes comprising public internet service destinations of entities to whom either Party is contractually obligated to handle Traffic
  • All peering should be settlement free
  • We reserve the right to refuse peering with any party


AS39326 is the Autonomous System Number (ASN) of the HighSpeed Office (hSo) Network.

Network Details

MD5Supported where required
Suggested Max Pfx1000


+44 (0)203 129 4400